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Tasting Intelligence logo with tasting wheel - foods insights drinks
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Logo of Tasting Intelligence - dashboards for food and drinks insights
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Sentiment word cloud and a normal word cloud with sentiment score
Figure with emotion analysis describing different emotions found in a bar graph
AI Summary (Artificial Intelligence) of many reviews found on the internet on varous sources
Figures with Named Entity Analysis and Emotion socre based on emoji's found on social media posts
Iced coffee in a coffee bar
Screenshot of dashboard for tasters and connoisseurs

tasting intelligence
dashboards for food and drinks insights

Bring your Tasting Experience to the next level.
Analyze tasting notes and sentiments from online tasting reviews and Social Media posts with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.

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Tasting Intelligence will help you to gain insights into foods and drinks. It allows you to improve your services, business, and tasting experiences. Get a better understanding of tastings with the latest tasting reviews throughout the world. A true Data-driven Tasting Experience.



Discover tastings, sentiments, emoji, named entities, and more with our dashboards. Our software gathers reviews and posts from different review websites and social media. It gives you a summary and easy-to-understand interactive charts.



Save time and get insights in return. Instead of reading every review and post yourself let Tasting Intelligence gather them. Apply Artificial Intelligence for your ease of use and benefits without much effort. Easy to use, with one click you'll have access to advanced analytics without doing the maths.

why tasing intelligence?

Wisdom of the Crowd

Get wiser on tastings and more from reviews and social media. Find out what the crowd has to say about food and drinks.

Summary of reviews

Get better informed in less time ever! Let Artificial Intelligence read all the posts and generate a summary for you.

Easy to use

Just one click to get everything done. Intuitive, no advanced mathematical theory needed, just your common sense!

Advanced analysis

Collect and analyze reviews with one click! Analyze sentiments, emojis, tastings, entities, and more without an advanced analytics background.

Discover flavors

Discover which flavors the crowd describes and analyze them. Use different popular flavor profiles to analyze flavors.

Market watch

Do you know what is going on in your branch? What are the hot topics? What are the popular foods and drinks? Monitor and discover trends.

dashboards we offer

Dashboard for

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choose your perfect plan

We offer you a lot of flexibility. With our buy-as-you-need philosophy you can buy buy the dashboard you need whenever you need it for a month.

We have custom-fit packages for target audiences to benefit maximal while paying only for the things you need. Each plan contains the dashboards which you will use frequently and has a loyality bonus like discount and access to non-subscribed dashboards as-you-need for a day or month.

Need help finding the right plan?

Monthly dashboards

No strings attached

This plan is ideal if you are looking for flexibility. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from each dashboard at any time. This plan is ideal if you are a sporadic user or, want to try or simply don't want an annual subscription. All you need to do is to subscribe and buy as you need and when you need.

We offer the following dashboards:

  • Dashboard for Bloggers and Writer
  • Dashboard for Tasters and Connoisseurs
  • Dashboard for Social Media Intelligence
  • Dashboard for Hashtag Analysis

Find more about the features of the dashboards?

Annual plans

Bloggers Deal

This is a great deal if you like to write tasting reviews and get your text analyzed on tastings and text analytics. In addition, for your projects, you sometimes want to have a look at other reviews, from the web or social media. You want it summarized without the hustle of reading each review and finding tasting notes and opinions. You don't want to pay for other dashboards if you're not using them as you can use your money to put your tasting experience into practice.

Ideal for:

  • Bloggers and Writers
  • Food and Drinks Influencer
  • A sporadic user of other dashboards
  • Tasters with a limited budget

Annual plans

Tasters and Drinks Reviewer Deal

With this deal, you're planning to use the Dashboard for Tasters and Connoisseurs frequently. For instance, you are a liquor store owner who wishes to support your customer with tasting notes reviews so that they can make a decision with the help of Artificial Intelligence and your own expert tasting input.

You are a taster, connoisseur, blogger, influencer, or drink enthusiast, and want to give tastings sessions to your customers. You want to give insights into what other people think about taste and compare with your own findings to give your customers an unforgettable experience. You use the flavor maps and word clouds from the Dashboard for Bloggers and Writers for your presentation purposes. You want to explain to your customers about flavors and tasting notes to enhance the joy in their tastings.

Ideal for:

  • Liquor stores
  • Connoisseurs
  • Tasting Experience Organizers
  • Whisk(e)y or Rum Bloggers and Influencers

Annual plans

Small Business Deal

If you are a frequent user of our Dashboards and want unlimited access for then this is the deal for you. You want to be able to watch the market and social media sentiments as this might differ from day to day or week to week. You use them on a daily or weekly basis. You care about opinions on social media so you can anticipate.

Ideal for:

  • Craft Brewers or Distillers
  • Food or Drinks Stores
  • Food and Drinks Researchers
  • Marketeers and Customer Journey Experts
  • Event organizers
  • (Small) Businesses and Large Enterprises

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use to

understand flavors

Write a tasting review about your favorite food or drink and discover how your writing is interpreted with different flavor profiles. Understand how a search algorithm interprets your text and which keywords it will get from your text.

collect flavors

Find tasting notes and opinions from drinks from other tasters from all over the world. Get a summary of reviews from selected review sites and individual blogs and let it inspire you. Let Artificial Intelligence do all the hard work so you have more time to do what you like most: tasting, reviewing, and blogging about it.

discover sentiments

Discover opinions about food and drinks from Social Media. Find out how people feel when discussing your subject. Get popular hashtags used for your search and make your own posts better findable.

discover hot topics

Monitor your favorite subjects and find out what people are talking about. Learn about which brands, locations, events, and other named entities are currently a hot topic and use that to your advantage.

Tasting Intelligence is a SaaS software solution and has developed easy-to-use dashboards to get insights from online tasting reviews that is cheaper than hiring a Data Scientist.
We are a liquor store and our customers use the AI Extracted Tasting Notes to discover and compare flavors of drinks which gives them a better shopping experience.
I am a foodie and love to travel, taste local food and to take photos of my foods for my blogs. Sometimes I can't remember the food I photographed but with the Food Intelligence module I easily discover foods on that photo.
BAs a manager I want daily updates of Social Media posts to get actionable insights. The AI Summary, Keywords and visualizations gives me a simple overview so that I save time to focus on actions instead of reading and analyzing all reviews.
As a customer journey marketeer I want to get a feeling of our customers response. I use Sentiment and Emotion Analysis to understand the current sentiment and mood so I can take actions to improve the customer experience.
As a craft brewer I want an effective marketing campaing. I use the insights from Entity Analysis to refine my online campaigns and to improve my audience targeting which results in better return of investment.
As a blogger I can make word clouds with my logo which gives me brand familiarity when I present my tasting reviews on my blog or across social media.

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