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Do we regret the discontinuation of 10 Cane Rum? Let's ask the public!

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Brand: Moët Hennesy
Type: Golden Rum
Casks: French Pot Still, French Oak
Keywords: Cane Rum, Flavorful, Molasses, Cocktails
Number of sources: 44 reviews from 15 sources analyzed!
AI Rating: 3 stars

AI-inspired Summary

10 Cane Rum is a clean and crisp rum without offending tastes. This makes it very palatable to new drinkers. Or to those that aren't huge fans of intense alcoholic beverages. A hint of sweetness lingers on the palate during its long finish, which carries flavors of sugar cane and oak. 10 Cane is a pale gold, light-bodied but full-flavored rum with tasting notes of pear and vanilla. The color is an interesting light straw yellow and the aroma is of alcohol and sugar cane with a hint of vanilla.

Like Cachaça and French or Haitian "Rhum Agricole" 10 Cane contains fresh first press sugar cane juice blended with aged molasses rum. Other key elements include small-batch double distillation and French oak barrel aging. A great light and tasty sugar cane rum, worth the try if you hadn't had it!

Although 10 Cane is one of the rums that you can consume alone, it elevates the taste of a Daiquiri or Mojito. And it goes particularly well with Cola for a perfect Cuba Libre but the tastes are not strong enough for a Mai Tai. The 10 Cane Rum plays an integral but very hidden part in a Mojito. It adds the alcoholic kick but it's very subtle and hard to taste on the pallet and impossible to smell on the nose.

Data-driven Flavor Profile

From all those reviews we were able to reconstruct the flavor profile. 10 Cane Rum has hints of woody which could be the influence of French Oak. The wood reveals the flavor of vanilla. Sweet, which includes cane sugar, contributes to the flavor of cereal. Further, we see that it is fruity due to the fruit notes described. Lemon zest, lemon peel, and citrus contribute to fruity. But, we can attribute this to the cocktails described. Spicy has a high intensity but we must admit that it is also due to the description of cocktails made with 10 Cane Rum.

Highlights discovered from the reviews by our software are:

  • Aromas of alcohol and sugar cane with a hint of vanilla
  • Tasting notes of pear and vanilla
  • Long finish with flavors of sugar cane, oak.

In the artiles data-driven flavor profile and word similarity we explain more about the data-driven tasting wheel and how it is constructed.

Wisdom of the Crowd

This particular rum is generally received positively. 85% gave a positive review and 15% were less satisfied with it. Based on the context of the text, the algorithm rated each review with stars. The average rating for the 10 Cane Rum is 3 stars. Most ratings are between 2.5 and 3.5 stars which is moderate.

This score is not particularly high. It seems that most people are positive but not excited about this Rum. To investigate further, let's look at the subjectivity. Do people give their opinion a lot or do they give facts? The subjectivity is between 0.4 and 0.7, around a median of 0.5. This says that reviewers are quite neutral, balanced between objective and subjective. Reviewers who are objective tend to also give higher ratings. We can find them in the upper right corner of the plot.

How did reviewers react? What did they feel? To understand this we perform an emotion analysis. We look at how often emotions of interest appear in those reviews. When we look at it we see that people thought of it as delicious but found it hyped-up. The price had a little advance for affordable above expensive. This means that the opinion of people was that it was a delicious rum but overrated and thus not worth the price.

What does all this say about 10 Cane Rum?

In the summary, we find that you can drink this rum neat and elevate the taste of popular rum cocktails. Looking deeper at this we find that people mention Mojito, Daiquiri, and Cuba Libre a lot for this rum. It seems to have great value for these cocktails.

To the question should it return? It's definitely an improvement for Daiquiris compared to white rums. The taste of cane sugar gets elevated. But, are there alternatives? Cacha and Rhum Agricole also consists of cane juice and molasses. Could one of them replace it? Or blend it with another rum? Does that match 10 Cane Rum for a Daiquiri. It's worth trying!

To sum up, it is an excellent rum, made from fresh cane and molasses. This makes the best rum cocktails to replace white rums, but it was overpriced to be a mixer for cocktails.

AI reviewed but human-verified: My AI-inspired real-life tasting experience for 10 Cane Rum

When we taste this rum we recognize the sugar cane and the sweetness and recognize the vanilla smell.

The summary reveals the link with cocktails. So, let's try this Rum with cocktails! Mojito and Daiquiris are popular with this rum. In our opinion, this rum makes the best Daiquiris! So I will reveal to you my recipe for the best Daiquiri ever! This is how you make it: add 0.5 lime with a cane sugar cube in a cocktail shaker. Muddle, taste, and refine until you find the balance between sour and sweet. Pour 60 ml 10 Cane Rum in it with a lot of ice. Shake and double strain it into a Martini glass.

We prefer muddling the lime as this adds oils of the lime peel to the cocktail for an extra and intense flavor. The cane sugar enhances the sugar cane taste in the 10 Cane Rum. This combination makes the best Daiquiri!

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